United Nations Requests $8.4 Billion To Help Displaced Syrians

The United Nations has made a request for $8.4 billion from the world’s wealthiest donors to provide assistance to the victims of conflict that has been raging across Syria for the past few years. For the first time, the amount requested also includes estimated amounts for development aid for communities for education, public health, public works and jobs. The request was made by officials from the United Nations at a donors’ meeting being held in Berlin.

The amount requested is more than the annual economic output of dozens of small countries. The total amount requested is $1.2 billion higher than the original figure announced less than two weeks ago at the United Nations offices in Geneva. However, the previously reported number did not include updated information for Lebanon and Jordan, which has seen considerable influxes of Syrian refugees in recent months.

Nearly 18 million people have been displaced since the conflict in Syria began. A large percentage of the refugees and internally displaced people have exhausted their savings and available resources, leaving them in a precarious position with little additional aid available. With the way the issues plaguing Syria are continuing, the crisis may last many years and many of the Syrian refugees may never go back home.

The money would help meet the needs for the Syrian refugees and the countries that are allowing them to stay throughout 2015. The money would also help stabilize the communities who are hosting the refugees. Even the lives of non-Syrians outside the war have been seriously disrupted by the crisis. Several countries bordering Syria have been overwhelmed by the exodus of refugees into their cities. These countries are at breaking point, out of money and aid to continue helping the Syrians that have flooded their regions.

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