Using VPN Services by Iranian Users have Damaged the Ranking of Local Websites

Using VPN Services by Iranian Users have Damaged the Ranking of Local Websites

The ranking of Iranian websites have been decreased following by the blockade of Google and Gmail by Iranian government, according to Alexa ranking company.

Base on Alexa ranking system, the Iran based websites have lost their place inside ‘Iran’ but their rankings have been increased in several countries including Canada, United States and European countries. This process has been started since Iranian government blocked Gmail for local users. As Iran has lifted the restriction but the rankings of local websites are still diminishing inside Iran.

Experts and activists believe using VPN services by Iranian users to bypass blockades and restrictions have caused this problem and this is the main reason of this statistics. Alexa rank websites base on their used bandwidths in countries. Accordingly, the bandwidths from Iran have been decreased significantly and this escalated the ranking of local sites.

VPN services are among popular methods to bypass Internet censorship in Iran. Local government blocks access to websites which include ‘impure’ contents deemed illegal according to Islam Sharia. As Iranian government increases restrictions to certain websites like Gmail and Google, more users utilize the black hat methods to pass the blockades. A quality VPN service can be bought for as low as $1 a month in Iran.

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  1. Ruthied says:

    In Bahrain and other middle east countries it doesn’t work so I used VPN services of when I recently visited UAE. I also used same VPN services when I was in China last year. Problem with opera is that blocked site not blocked employer but government of these countries so only VPN can open blocked site there. The service is fast and reliable. Downloading speed provided is also awesome.

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