Victim’s Mother Saves Murderer from Hangman’s Noose

A woman walked up to a hangman who had already put a noose around a man’s neck, in order to kick the chair from under the man’s feet. However, instead she slapped the man in the face and told the hangman the man should be saved.

The woman’s husband said their son, who had been murdered, had come to her through a dream telling her he was okay and in a good place.

This week, only seconds prior to being hanged, a convicted killer in Iran was spared execution thanks to the mother of the victim.

Photos that can only be described as astonishing showed the woman approaching the man, who already had, had the hangman’s noose placed around his next.

Instead of kicking the chair from under the man, which was her right, she slapped the man in the face. After doing so, she instructed the hangman to save the man. She then took the noose of the man’s neck, while at the same time; the murderer’s mother ran to the woman and hugged her.

The father of the victim said that his wife had changed her mind regarding the convict’s execution after Abdollah Hosseinzadeh Jr., her son appeared in one of her dreams.

Apparently, three days prior to the scheduled hanging, the mother saw her eldest son in one of her dreams. He told her that since he was in a good place, she should not retaliate.

The woman apparently was calmed by her son’s words and decided to think things over until the execution day.

The convicted man, known only as Balal was given a sentence of death by hanging after being found guilty of stabbing 18-year old Abdollah during a fight in the streets of Royan in 2007.

The two were fighting and Balal pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed Abdollah. The report says the family of the victim does not believe the killer’s intention was to kill Abdollah.

No word was given by the prison as to what sentence the convict will now serve, but it is thought he will remain in jail for life.

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