Video Gives Family of Captured Soldier New Hope

U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s family said a video of him that was believed to have been taken sometime within the past month, has given them more resolve to have him brought home safety.

Officials in the U.S. confirmed on Wednesday they had been given the video a number of days ago. The video shows the 27-year old Bergdahl frailer than in previous videos taken in the four years since he was allegedly captured in Afghanistan in June of 2009.

Bergdahl is from central Idaho and is thought to be held by a Taliban affiliated group somewhere inside Pakistan.

Irregularly released videos of Bergdahl with his captors have offered some hope for the parents of the U.S. Army Sergeant, that he will one day be freed.

Bergdahl’s parents dedicate themselves to all they can do from many miles away to secure their son’s freedom.

Bob Bergdahl has a long beard and is trying to learn Pashto, which is the language his son’s captors speak.

He has for the most part shunned interviews with all forms of media. However, he has become a more frequent poster on social media Internet sites such as Twitter. On Twitter, he has posted many entries on issues relevant to the war in Afghanistan, U.S. drone strikes and of course his son.

Bergdahl’s parents have learned to be patient through this ordeal. Thus far, nothing has happened with the proposal offered by the Taliban last June. The group offered to free Bergdahl in exchange for a number of their senior operatives that have been held in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility the U.S. operates.

The Taliban offer however lost its steam just weeks after being offered when the Taliban closed a new office that they had opened in Qatar, abandoning its diplomatic approach while at the same time vowing to continue its fight against President Humid Kara’s government in Afghanistan.

In Hailey, Idaho where Bergdahl spent the majority of his life prior to entering the service, residents continue to adorn the utility poles and trees throughout the town with yellow ribbons keeping him close to their minds.

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