White House to Entertain Leaders from the Middle East

Over the coming weeks, the White House administration will play host to several leaders from the Middle East including Jordan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. In part, the leaders are visiting to register concerns about the civil war that is ongoing in Syria and to encourage the White House administration to push the balance in favor of the Syrian rebels in their attempt to oust current President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria has been the topic of many meetings. John Kerry the U.S. Secretary of State will have another meeting over Syria later this month in Istanbul. However, there is a good reason for the soon to be parade of leaders from the Middle East at the White House, said on political analyst.

Everyone involved in the situation knows that Obama and the American people are tired of being involved in foreign conflict, so the leaders need to sell their ideas to the White House.

However, most expect that the leaders from the Middle East will not make Obama decide on dramatic changes in policy for the U.S. in Syria. The White House has already said it is giving nonlethal aid to Syria’s rebels.

The meetings are also to help coordinate the policies about Syria and help to make sure all aid to the rebels is entering into the country through just one source.

Obama will listen to serious concerns from leaders of the Middle East over the region’s humanitarian crisis. The situation with Syrian refugees is nearing an unsustainable level said one analyst who specializes in the Middle East. Over half a million refugees are already in different camps and by the end of 2013, that number is expected to reach 1.2 million.

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