Wife of Hostage from the UK Makes Plea to Captors

met 1The wife of an aid worker from Britain being held hostage by Islamic State, the radical militant group, issued a plea for the group to release him and respond to the messages she has sent prior to it being too late.

The radical group of militants, which has released videos online that show the beheading of two journalists from the United States and one aid worker from Britain, has threatened the beheading of Alan Henning a former cab driver in the UK.

Henning is 47 and was kidnapped in Syria this past December shortly after he crossed from Turkey into Syria in a convoy of aid workers.

Barbara his wife implored the militant to look into their hearts and release her husband late on Saturday in her statement.

She called her husband selfless and peaceful, who left his job and family in the United Kingdom, to drive an aid convoy to Syria with colleagues who are Muslim and friends to those people over there who are in the most need.

The statement by Barbara Henning was released by the Foreign Office in Britain.

She added in the statement that her husband’s purpose of being in Syria was nothing more that acting out of sheer compassion for his fellow human.

The aid worker had been driving an ambulance in the convoy. The ambulance had both food and water inside when he was kidnapped.

Barbara Henning added that the group of militants have not given her a response to her many attempts to reach them.

Her appeal came after many Muslim leaders in the UK urges the group of radical militants to release the aid worker.

Over 100 Muslim organizations and imams signed a prepared statement that said they felt revulsion and horror at the three beheadings of the other hostages, including David Haines a Briton.

The group said the extreme militants had been acting as monsters not Muslims.

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