Woman Killed by Syrian Rebel Attack on Convoy

A convoy of buses and trucks carrying civilians was attacked in northern Syria by rebels on Wednesday. An Islamist militant group had previously warned it would target any and every vehicle on the only open road to Aleppo, the country’s second largest city.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that one woman had been killed in the attack and 19 people wounded some of them critically.

Ahrar al-Sham, the hard line rebel Islamist group, put a video on YouTube that shows the group firing their mortars and artillery at several vehicles. A number of trucks could be seen on fire and no return fire came from the convoy of vehicles. The convoy consisted of nearly 30 buses and trucks.

The road remains the only route the Syrian army has into the city of Aleppo, with all of the other routes blocked by the rebels.

The conflict in Syria started in March of 2011 as peaceful protests, but following a crackdown by military and police forces it turned into a full-fledged civil war and now has become very sectarian. Reports from the United Nations said that over 100,000 people have lost their lives since the conflict became nearly 2½ years ago.

Sunni Muslims, who are the majority in the country, led the protests and eventual revolt. President Assad receives his support from the Alawite sect, which is an offshoot from the Shiite Islam.

Another rebel group that is Islamist, Jabnat al-Nusra, which also has an affiliation with al-Qaeda, said on Monday that residents of Aleppo must be careful since the group planned to attack all vehicles it found on the road into Aleppo.

A voice on the video was not identifiable, but said the group had attacked a convoy of military vehicles, yet activists said civilians were the ones attacked.

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