World Leaders in Paris March to Honor Attack Victims

Dozens of leaders from around the world, including statesmen from the Muslim world gathered on Sunday in Paris with hundreds of thousands of citizens from France to march amidst high security in a tribute that is unprecedented to the victims of this past week’s militant attacks carried out by extremists Islamists.

Hours prior to the march, a video appeared online which had been allegedly made by a gunman prior to taking hostages at a Paris Jewish supermarket, killing four prior to being killed by police.

In the video, the man seen wearing a white robe with a gun next to him.

Over 2,200 police as well as soldiers patrolled the streets of Paris to provide protection for the marchers from possible attackers with snipers from the police on rooftops and detectives in plain clothes mingling amongst the crowd.

Prior to the march, the sewers throughout the area were searched as well as underground train stations close to the route of the march. The stations close to the route will be closed.

The march, which will be in silence, starts at 3 p.m. Paris time and reflects the world shock over the most brutal Islamist militant attack in a city in Europe in over 9 years.

For, the French, it raised many questions about freedom of speech, religion as well as security. Beyond the borders of France, it exposed how vulnerable states are to urban attacks.

Seventeen people, which included journalists as well as police were killed over a period of three days that started with the shooting on Wednesday at Charlie Hebdo the satirical magazine and ended with the taking of hostages where four were killed.

The video that emerged on Sunday features a male that resembled the militant shot and killed at the Jewish deli.

In the video, he pledged his allegiance to Islamic State the militant group and urged Muslims in France to follow the example he made.

An anti-terrorist French police source confirmed the man on the video had been Amedy Coulibaly the killer of the four hostages at the deli.

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