World Powers in Vienna for Nuclear Talks

John Kerry the United States Secretary of State and foreign ministers are putting their diplomatic muscle to work in an attempt to advance talks with Iran over their nuclear program.

The talks have stalled. The target deal for the pact to be made that would curb the program in Iran away from making atomic weapons is only a week away.

Both sides are separated by deep differences and the six world powers along with Iran look ready to extend the talks past the deadline of July 20.

The extension would give additional time to reach an agreement on a deal that could limit the full scope on the program in exchange for a complete lifting of all sanctions related to the nuclear program that have been placed on Tehran.

Kerry said there were significant gaps between the two sides and he hope progress will be made this time around. Kerry added that it was vital to be certain Iran will not develop nuclear weapons.

Laurent Fabius the Foreign Minister from France said the positions remain far apart and he and other foreign ministers came in an attempt to narrow all the differences.

Kerry arrived in Vienna on Sunday. Germany and Britain have also sent foreign ministers to the capital of Austria for the talks that will take the next couple of days.

However, the top diplomats from Russia and China will be officials who are lower ranking. That could be just their way of expressing that an extension is impossible to avoid.

The biggest disputes remain between Tehran and Washington on how deep the cuts to the Iran program must be, so the presence of Kerry is considered crucial.

Kerry can talk directly to Mohammad Javad Zarif the Foreign Minister of Iran, who is present at the negotiations in Vienna.

Kerry’s arrival in Vienna comes after success diplomatically in Afghanistan, where he was able to persuade rival candidates for the presidency to come to an agreement over a full audit of their runoff elections recently held. A power-sharing arrangement was also agreed to.

Hardliners in Iran oppose nearly all concessions by the government of Iran.

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