World Powers Ramping up Nuclear Talks

World powers on Sunday intensified the nuclear talks being held with Iran two days prior to a self-imposed deadline of reaching a deal. Israel however expressed cautious hope that the ongoing negotiations would fall apart.

U.S., Germany and France foreign ministers canceled travel plans for a few days to push for a new accord making the framework for the final settlement by June 30 with Tehran.

A spokesperson for John Kerry the United States Secretary of State said he is not flying back to Boston for a ceremony honoring his former mentor the last Senator Edward Kennedy.

Other officials involved in the talks in Lausanne, a city in Switzerland, also confirmed the German and French foreign ministers Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Laurent Fabius canceled a joint trip that was planned for Kazakhstan.

Fabius told the press that the group was hopeful but much work was left to be done.

Iran denies the charges from the West as well as Israel that it wants nuclear weapons and said its nuclear program is peaceful. It wants international sanctions removed that have dramatically hurt its economy.

The remarks made by Fabius were in contrast to hostile ones out of Israel, which is not in the talks between the six world powers and Iran. Included with Germany, France and the U.S. are Britain, Russia and China.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel said it appears the deal is emerging and bears out Israel’s fears and even more.

Israel, which is thought to be the only country in the Middle East with a nuclear arsenal, feels threatened by having a neighbor such as Iran armed with nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu mentioned advances that Houthi rebels in Yemen had made who are allied with Tehran and accused the Islamic republic of attempting to conquer all of the Middle East.

The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is highly dangerous for humanity and needs to be stopped.

Over the past, Israel has threatened attacking Iran if it is not happy with a deal that is eventually made and has described for a long time France as the negotiating power that has views closest to its own.

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