Yahya Al- e Eshaq Criticizes the Economic Policies of Iranian Government

Yahya Al- e Eshaq, Head of Tehran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines

Yahya Al- e Eshaq, Head of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, criticized the policies of Iranian government in economic fields and said continuing the same policies will cripple Iran’s economy.

He also believes imposing a formal exchange rate by government to stabilize the foreign currency market is not a logical and consistent solution. “Government must not directly control the currency market, if they do we will see more turbulences in market and such decision will make our economy crippled.”

President, Tehran Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dr Yahya Ale Eshaq¬†says the currency market is a multi-faceted issue which is base on supply and demand. “Managing the market is more important than providing currencies. I personally believe that the currency prices are outcome of international relations, consumers, producers and government funding needs so all the managers in these sectors should be unity.”

Yahya Al- e Eshaq criticized the activities of Central Bank of Iran by saying: “This governmental organization was unable to manage the currency market correctly and it didn’t accomplish its determined missions.”

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