Yazidi Women Facing Sexual Slavery, Torture and Suicide

One of the strongholds of the Islamic State is Mosul a city in northern Iraq where the extremist, radical group has terrorized the Yazidi community in the country including capturing hundreds of young girls and women.

Many of them have been forced to marry, sold as gifts or slaves to fighters from IS and their supporters.

The situation had caused some women to speak out, while other have fled and some have ended their lives, according to an Amnesty International report on Tuesday.

One girl who was just a teenager killed herself said the report.

A woman, who is 21 called herself Luna. She said one day member of IS gave the women clothes that looked as if they were dance costumes. The woman and girls were told to take a bath and then put on the clothes.

While in the bathroom, the teenager killed herself said Luna, by slashing her wrists and then hanged herself.

Amnesty International said it interviewed 42 girls and women who escaped from captivity for the report it titled Escape from Hell.

The report chronicles the sexual slavery, rape, suicide and escapes since the siege by the Islamic State started in June.

When the militants marched across Syria and Iraq during the summer there were hundreds killed. Thousands had to flee their homes and retreated to Mount Sinjar where they pleaded for coalition airstrikes to save them all.

Many lost their lives due to starvation and thirst.

Since that time, the militants segregated schools and hospitals, dictated what could be worn by Yazidis and told them what they were required to believe.

Most of the Islamic State perpetrators are men from Syria and Iraq. Most of them are fighters and some are supporters.

Under control of the IS in the northern region of Syria, eight women died from stoning.

In the northern region of Iraq, as many as 10 women were killed for opposing the extremists.

One woman, a dentist, was beheaded for accepting both men and women for treatment.

One woman and her sister were told by an IS member that they had to marry him and his brother or be sold.

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