Yemen Government foils Al-Qaeda Plot

Yemen officials said a plot by al-Qaeda to seize ports and blow up pipelines in the country was foiled by authorities.

Security in the Middle East nation remains very tight with hundred of armored vehicles and military deployed to different sites to protect them.

Both the UK and the U.S. have withdrawn all diplomatic staff from the country prompted by reports of increased terrorist activity from intelligence sources.

The U.S. reportedly is preparing for possible strikes by special operations units against al-Qaeda inside Yemen.

Drone strikes, suspected to be from the U.S. killed seven al-Qaeda linked militants on Wednesday in Yemen, which are the fifth such drone strikes in the past 10 days.

Two vehicles were also destroyed by the drones in Nasab, in Shabwa province in the southern region of the country.

It appears al-Qaeda’s plot had Yemen as the center. Had they pulled it off, the plot would have given the al-Qaeda control over one of the most crucial aspects of the country’s infrastructure.

The government of Yemen released a list of 25 names they said were the most dangerous members of al-Qaeda in Yemen and said they had all been involved in implementing the attacks aimed at military installations, the armed forces and the interests of foreign diplomatic missions over the last years.

The committee is offering reward money to anyone who provides information regarding the whereabouts of the people on the list.

All of this came amidst security not seen before in the capital of Sanaa.

The Interior Ministry in Yemen has implemented huge security measures including surrounding foreign embassies, the presidential palace and military installations, due to the warnings intelligence picked up regarding potential attacks by al-Qaeda.

A spokesperson for the Yemeni government said the al-Qaeda plot involved taking control of certain port cities, and blowing up different oil pipelines.

The cities were two ports location to the south, with one of which is the leading port for oil exports in the country and where many foreign workers live and work.

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