Anger Mounts in Europe and Middle East Over Travel Ban

A parliamentary committee in Iraq asked the government on Sunday to reciprocate against the immigration curbs implemented by the U.S. on citizens of 7 Muslim dominated countries.

The government of Iraq has not yet commented on the executive order made by President Donald Trump that barred immigrants from those seven nations from entering for the next 90 days.

The order also banned the admission of refugees from Syria for an indefinite period and a ban of 120 days for all refugees.

However, officials in Iraq said they would lobby the administration in the U.S. to overturn their ban or at a minimum soften its impact on Iraq citizens.

Iraq is planning to warn the Trump administration that the immigration ban will risk undermining cooperation in the region’s battle against the Islamic State.

Governments of other countries in the Arab world have remained muted with public responses to the immigrant ban, opting instead to lobby behind the scenes in Washington.

Leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates spoke with President Trump by phone. One Dubai official said the leaders cautioned Trump not to add the emirate to the banned list.

Officials at the White House had warned over the weekend that other nations might be added to the list of banned countries.

Four federal judges in the U.S. imposed stays on the ban, which applied to visa holders, green card holders and refugees, with each of the four calling into question the constitutionality of the ban.

Iran cautioned that the ban would not make it safer in the U.S. and said retaliatory measures would stay in place until there was a lift of the restrictions made by the U.S.

Iran banned all U.S. citizens from entering the country following the announcement of Trump’s ban.

Aides to President Trump said the people who oppose his order have overreacted. They called the order one that was to help make the U.S. safer and not a Muslim ban.

However, protests continue around the globe over the ban and Trump and his administration is beginning to receive heavy criticism from his own party.

U.S. allies in Europe and other parts of the world have also voiced opposition to Trump’s ban saying that it has now divided the Muslim world into good and bad.

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