Brazil Shows its Dominance in Confederations Cup Win

Felipe Scolari the head coach of the Brazilian national soccer team said he had wanted to send the soccer world a message. He wanted the world to know Brazil is back.

His team could not have sent a clearer message than defeating Spain, the defending World Cup champions 3-0 in the Confederations Cup final.

It was obvious from the start of the match that Brazil was the fresher team, which was thanks to one day more of rest and because Spain had to play 30 extra minutes in their semifinal victory over Italy.

Scolari told his players he wanted a frantic pace on the pitch in the first 20 minutes of the match, which seemed to startle Spain. Brazil also played as physical as Bjorn Kuipers, the match referee would allow, but did it all intelligently.

Things were helped by an early Fred goal that brought the partisan Brazil crowd to their feet with a roar that seemed to continue through much of the first half.

It looked as though Spain would tie however just four minutes from half, but a dramatic clearance at the goal line by defender David Luiz saved the Brazilians, who just two minutes later added another goal to enter halftime up 2-0.

That sequence of Luiz saving the day and then Brazil adding to their lead, changed the whole tone of the match.

Even though Brazil won by three goals, Spain’s chances of repeating next year in the World Cup, are still good.

Spain missed a penalty, suffered from Luiz’s goal-line clearance, but they are still a talented group that will make a run for the Cup, with very few teams if any keeping them from lifting it again.


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