British Airways Resumes Flights to and from Iran

British Airways is planning to resume its flights to Tehran on Thursday evening, the most recent restored link the West has made with Iran since lifting sanctions this past January following the nuclear program accord.

A Boeing 777 jetliner will take off at 9:00 p.m. from London en route to Tehran, which will be the first flight for British Airways into Iran since 2012.

Its service to Iran was suspended at that time amidst tightening sanctions by the West over the nuclear program in Iran.

British Airways is planning to operate its service into Iran six times per week. The airline announced the service had been receiving a great deal of interest.

The sanctions lifting has allowed Iran to open its doors again for business and given it a way re-open commerce and re-connect with former businesses.

The economy of Iran is the second largest in the Middle East and North Africa and has a diverse range of industries and businesses.

The carrier is also expecting Iran to be a huge market for tourists once again.

The carrier based in the UK announced it was resuming its flights into Iran last February as part of the warming of relations on a gradual basis between the UK and Iran.

The decision to begin the flights came just weeks after the sanctions had been lifted on Iran after the Islamic Republic had agreed to new curbs on its nuclear program.

A number of European carriers closed their routes into Iran at the same time British Airways did though Lufthansa remained flying into Tehran.

Air France restarted flights into Tehran this past April, after stopping its fights back in 2008. The carrier based in France was the first major airline based in Europe to restore its service following the sanctions being lifted.

KLM is sister airline based in the Netherlands, said last month it too would resume service to Tehran beginning October 30, with four weekly flights, after it suspended service three years ago.

Boeing and Airbus the world’s two largest makers of airplanes signed agreements worth billions to sell new aircraft to Iran Air the country’s flag carrier.

The deals are waiting for financial and licensing agreements prior to them being completed.

Iran Air currently operates an aging fleet of aircraft.

British Airways initially planned to start flying in July to Tehran, but the restart of the route became delayed as a way to assure that the infrastructure was able to handle the new service.

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