Donald Trump Calls President Obama the Founder of ISIS

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has called U.S. President Barack Obama the founder of the Islamic State.

The comment came on Wednesday and is just the latest in a number of remarks by Trump that suggest Obama sympathized with the Middle East Muslim terrorists.

Trump told a group of supporters during a Fort Lauderdale, Florida rally that ISIS was honoring the president.

After he made the allegation two more times, Trump said he would say that Hillary Clinton was the co-founder of the group.

The charges made by Trump came only moments after he said that Crimea had been seized by Russia, during the Barrack Hussein Obama administration, which is a rare use of the middle name of the president that was very notable given past insinuations by Trump that the president, who is Christian, is secretly a Muslim.

On two occasions, the GOP presidential nominees stated falsely that he opposed the war in Iraq from its beginning, despite a recording from 2002 of him saying he was in support of the invasion by the U.S.

Trump criticized Clinton for voting as a United States Senator from New York to authorize the invasion in 2003.

Previous rivals of Clinton, including Obama during the Democratic primaries in 2008, have used the support she had for the war to hurt her politically, but the proof on tape that Trump took the same position as her, undermines the attack.

The remarks by Trump about the Islamic State could be interpreted in different ways. They were a policy argument of his that the withdrawal of U.S. armed forces by Obama in Iraq opened the door for the network of terrorists to spread from Iraq into Syria.

Trump, following the massacre carried out by Omar Mateen in Orlando during June, questioned whether the president was committed to stopping the terrorist attacks being carried out by the Islamist extremists.

Trump said while on Fox News that Obama does not get it, or he does better than anyone really understands and either way both are unacceptable.

The GOP nominees added that Obama was not smart, not tough and has something else in his mind, and that something else people cannot believe.

When clarification was asked, Trump just said that there are many people who have the belief that Obama might not want to get it and that he might not want to know about it either.

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