Fenerbahce Team Bus Fired Upon

A bus transporting the Fenerbahce football (soccer) team was attacked in the northeast region of Turkey on Saturday as its players and coaches were returning from one of their away matches, said club officials. The driver of the bus was injured during the shooting.

Several shots were fired at the bus as the leaders in the topflight Turkish league were on their way back to Istanbul after defeating Rizespor 5-1 in Rize a city on the Black Sea, said Mahmut Uslu the vice president of the club.

The bus driver received an injury to his face and had to be taken to a hospital, said Uslu who was also on the bus when the incident took place. He accused those who attacked the bus of trying to crash it and kill the Fenerbahce players.

No players on the bus were injured during the attack, which took place in Trabzon a city on the way back to Istanbul.

Photos of the team bus showed that its windshield had been peppered with bullets.

Abdil Celil Oz the governor of Trabzon confirmed the attack on the bus and said the life of the driver not in danger.

The governor said at first that it was thought that stones were thrown at the vehicle. However, forensic investigators later said at the scene of the incident that it was an armed attack.

The governor added that he had received a call from Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is supporter of the club based in Istanbul.

The national football federation issued its own statement that condemned the attack and called for those who carried out the attack to be jailed and then tried for their actions.

The media in Turkey reacted with a great deal of shock at this shooting, as it is an unprecedented attack on a domestic club in this country that is football-mad.

Dirk Kuyt and Diego are two of a number of international players playing for the club.

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