Former ISIS Terrorist Releases Some Group Secrets

For the past two years or more, ISIS has been telling its foreign fighters that want to join the radical, militant group to buy airline tickets round trip to Turkey and to arrange stays in resorts at the seaside to avoid any suspicion.

However, once those wannabe terrorists arrive in Turkey, they quickly are smuggled into territory held by ISIS and instructed how to kill.

When they return to places such as Germany or France, they are able to say they visited Turkey on holiday, said prisoner Harry Sarfo in Germany who became a member of ISIS last year and spoke recently to an international newspaper.

As their stay in Turkey becomes longer, the more the West becomes suspicious and that is why training is carried out so quickly.

Sarfo provides in his interview with the New York Times a very rare glimpse into the world of ISIS.

One of the revelations that was more notable by the prisoner was the existence of a unit of intelligence that carries out identifying foreign recruits suitable to be a part of ISIS and exporting them worldwide to help carry out deadly attacks.

The unit, known by the Arabic name Emni, is run by a top leader of ISIS who is known by most as a spokesperson of ISIS.

The group has been called both efficient and well organized with divisions located in Arab countries, Asia and Europe.

Sarfo was told by members of the unit after his arrival in Syria that Emni wanted him to return back to Germany to carry out a future attack.

He was told by operatives from Emni that they needed attackers to be located in Germany since prior ones had returned to the country but chickened out when it came time to carry out an attack.

When the topic of France came up during a meeting with Emni, the extremists told Sarfo not to have any worries about France.

Only a few months later, attacks carried out by militants in France massacred 130 people.

Two lieutenants in Emni are linked to the attackers in Paris.

Sarfo also said that Emni members told him the group did not have luck in its attempt to infiltrate the U.S. with new operatives that visited Syria and instead used social media as its number one method of recruiting new terrorists.

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