Hyperloop One Hiring Starts in Preparation of Dubai Office Opening

Hyperloop One currently is developing a system to transport people between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes.

The company is developing its hyperloop high-speed transportation system and is scheduled to open an office this September in Dubai.

The company, based in Los Angeles is one of many competing to introduce the first hyperloop system that is operational in the world. The system involves moving both passengers and cargo pods through tubes at up to 670 mph.

In 2016, it signed a deal with the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai to conduct its feasibility study into the possible transport system that would link Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

If this is completed, it would link the two emirates in just 12 minutes.

Talking during the Step conference held in Dubai, the company’s creative director said it was starting to hire in the UAE, saying the company’s first office outside the U.S. would be opened in Dubai this September.

He added that the local office will focus on project development, prototyping, engineering or basically all that is being done in Los Angeles.

The company has not yet conducted a complete test of the planned system, but is expecting to conduct a first trial run in the state of Nevada over the upcoming 45 to 60 days.

In Dubai, Hyperloop One is collaborating with the RTA on tests and building infrastructure that is required for the system.

Hyperloop One’s creative director said that no third party can certify its system due to it never having been built prior to now. Therefore, there needs to be a collaborative effort with regulators across the globe to accomplish it.

That is what the company is doing now with the RTA in Dubai to envision what would be the absolute smoothest and most important, safest ride that can be delivered.

He added that the RTA was a great partner due to the strong vision which drives their laws and policy. Looking forward, Hyperloop One has very big plans in Dubai.

While the emirates already have a huge pool of knowledge based and skilled workers, the plan included building talent locally.

That would mean in the future anyone wanting to work on a hyperloop system could come to Dubai for training at the equivalent to a Hyperloop University.

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