Image of Alleppo Boy Draws International Outrage

Activists in Syria released photos of a boy who was rescued from a building that had been destroyed after being hit with an airstrike in Aleppo, Syria.

Photos and a video of the young boy show him sitting with a dazed look as well as being bloodied, inside an ambulance, went viral on social media as many people expressed outrage and anger.

The boy, five, is Omran Daqneesh, who a doctor on location in Aleppo said was treated for wounds to his head Wednesday night.

The parents of the boy and his three siblings all are believed to have been survivors of the airstrike.

Fighting between rebel forces and forces from the government of Bashar al-Assad had escalated the past few weeks in Aleppo, once the industrial and commercial hub of Syria, killing hundreds.

Staffan de Mistura a special envoy from the UN requested a gesture of humanity on Thursday from both sides as well as urged the two sides to agree to a pause of 48 hours in their hostilities in Aleppo so aid can be delivered to the more than 2 million people living there.

He earlier had abandoned one meeting of the humanitarian task force of the UN for Syria after just eight minutes due to not one vehicle from an aid convoy being allowed to reach the besieged part of the city during the past month.

The video the boy appears in shows him being carried from a building that had wide scale damage, by one of the medics at the site and then being placed inside an ambulance on one of its seats. He was covered from head to toe in dust and his face was covered in blood.

The medic at that point leaves the ambulance and the boy is left alone sitting there quiet and appearing as if being stunned by the whole ordeal. He then runs a hand over his own face and looks at his own blood before using the seat to wipe it one.

Shortly thereafter, two other children joined the boy along with a man injured during the airstrike.

A journalist who is covering the war said his group was passing the children from one balcony to another. He took the photos of the boy and told the AP, that he was handed three bodies that were lifeless prior to receiving the boy who had been injured.

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