Iranian Actress Asal Badiee Criticizes Hijab Situation in Country

Iranian Actress Asal Badiee Criticizes Hijab Situation in Country

Asal Badiee, one of the most famous Iranian actresses, criticized the Hijab situation in her country especially between Iranian actresses.

“The majority of people in Iran are Muslims and they accept Hijab rule (which governs by Islam Sharia). But this must not limit our designers to design and produce beautiful dresses and garments which cover Hijab. There are many Muslim countries in the region which produce beautiful Islamic dresses that attract young people.” Asal Badiee said.

She also criticized Iranian actresses for having incomplete Hijab. “Currently in our cinema, dress designers don’t design dresses for actors and actresses. They pick up their desired garments from their own collections. This hurts Hijab situation in Iran.”

Asal Badiee asked Iranian officials and governmental organizations to hold Islamic dress fairs in Iran to support Hijab situation between Iranian girls and women.”I personally care much about dresses I wear in films. I never use Western designs but I go to related festivals and expos to choose the most suitable dresses.”

Compulsory Hijab in Iran has suffered many Iranians who don’t want to wear Hijab as it was recommended by Islam Sharia. However Iran Police usually raid women and girls who don’t follow the ratified rules. Many European countries have condemned and criticized compulsory Hijab in this country that restricts women. By the way there are many people in Iran who support Hijab.

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