Iraq Destroys Over 200 Vehicles of Convoy Alleged to be ISIS

Airstrikes by the Iraqi military destroyed over 200 vehicles it believed were carrying fighters from ISIS fleeing their former Iraqi strongholds.

The number of dead and injured was unknown said a senior military official in Iraq.

Brig. Yahya Rasool, an Iraqi spokesperson for its Joint Operation Command, said warplanes and helicopters from Iraq attacked the convoy 12 miles south of the city of Fallujah.

Rasool said that all of the ISIS militants that were traveling in that convoy had been killed, but he would not provide the number of dead or the people that had been injured.

A video of the big airstrike was released by the Iraqi military. The Pentagon said on Wednesday it did not have any details about the alleged incident.

It is not clear how the military from Iraq identified that the big convoy of vehicles was made entirely up of vehicles that belonged to the radical militant group ISIS.

One international news agency said that a U.S. official who was not identified said that a preliminary estimate suggests that at minimum 250 fighters were killed with that number expected to be higher.

The news was not able to be confirmed by an independent third party of either the U.S. official’s estimate or that of the Iraqi military.

However, it has been reported and confirmed that civilians were displaced around the area in which the attack had occurred.

The alleged ISIS fighters were said to have been escaping the city of Fallujah which had previously been held by ISIS, said officials in Iraq.

A senior commander with the Iraqi military said last week that Fallujah has been fully liberated from the radical militant group after a military procedure by Iraq of over one month.

The liberation of Fallujah helped to fuel an exodus of thousands of Iraqi families, which overwhelmed the camps for displaced persons that are run by the Iraqi government and a number of different aid groups.

On Wednesday, in another separate incident, helicopter strikes by the Iraqi army killed more than 150 alleged militants from ISIS as they attempted to reach Syria said Rasool.

The spokesperson from Iraqi said the people had been attempting to escape to reach Syria when the Iraqi helicopters found where they had been hiding.

That attack took place about 2 miles from Amiriyah Fallujah.

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