Israel Charges Employee of United Nations With Helping Hamas

On Tuesday, Israel charged an aid worker with the United Nations with allegedly helping Hamas the Islamist movement. The UN employee works in the Gaza Strip and the indictment is the second against a humanitarian worker over the past few days.

Israeli prosecutors have filed charges against Waheed Borsh a UN Development Program engineer for allegedly diverting resources from the group to help support and build military operations of Hamas in the Palestinian region.

Borsh was taken into custody July 16 by police in Israel and Shin Bet its security agency.

Shin Bet said the Borsh had been discovered being instructed by the terrorist organization’s senior member to redirect his UNDP work to serve the military interests of Hamas.

A lawyer representing Borsh could not be reached to make a comment, but a spokesperson for the UNDP said the group was preparing an official statement in response to the allegations made by Israel.

Last week Israel charged the director of a branch in Gaza of World Vision a Christian charity with funding Hamas as much as $7.2 million per year over at least the past five years.

World Vision said it was shocked to hear that Mohammed El-Halabi had been charged and based upon their little available information did not have any reason to believe these allegations against El-Halabi were true.

Khalil El-Halabi, the father of Halabi rejected Israel’s accusations that his own son was an operative with Hamas. World Vision appointed a Palestinian lawyer while his son denied all charges against him, said the father during a late night interview on Monday.

The father added that Hamas never contacted the family and that his son, Mohammed never has been involved with Hamas.

Since 2003, Borsh has worked in Gaza for UNDP. His different responsibilities including raising homes damaged by armed conflicts and then clearly of the demolished homes following their demolition.

Borsh said Shin Bet confessed to aiding Hamas during an investigation.

Borsh, according to allegations by Shin Bet, last year appropriated funds from the UNDP to build a military jetty in the area of northern Gaza for use by naval forces of Russia.

He allegedly persuaded managers of the UNDP to prioritize rehabilitation of housing in the areas populated by members of Hamas said the agency.

The UN program is one of the biggest development agencies anywhere in Gaza and held a significant role in the reconstructing of the area after three wars over the past eight years between Israel and Hamas.

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