Israel Prosecuting Over Poem on YouTube by Palestinian Poet

Dareen Tatour started reading her poem in a slow yet steady cadence. She read from a piece she wrote, titled A Poet Behind Bars, that she wrote while in an prison in Israel during November of 2015 after she was charged with supporting a terrorist group and incitement to violence.

Tatour, who is a Palestinian poet, since has had plenty of time to work on material, both during her jail term of three months and of recent while under a period of house arrest in Kiryat Ono a city in Israel far from Reine her home town.

Tatour said that she has written a great deal about being arrested and everything that has taken place since then.

Her ordeal started early on October 11, when she heard shouts by her parents. She was not aware at the time why they were frightened but she soon found out as Israeli police entered her home to arrest the poet.

Following fifteen days that included a number of interrogations Tatour was given the charges against her some of them related to a post she made on Facebook.

She posted a photo of Israa Abed a Palestinian woman who had been shot in Afula while waiting for a bus and holding a knife. Along with the photo Tatour wrote, “I am the next martyr.”

Abed has had problems with mental instability. She survived the shooting and later the charges brought against her were dropped.

Tatour said that what she had meant by putting the post was that she being Palestinian or any Palestinian might be killed at any time.

In early November of 2015, Tatour was charged with inciting terrorism and violence along with supporting a terrorist organization due to the posts she made on Facebook and her YouTube postings.

Since that time, the charges changed against her and now are related to her poem that she posted on her account with YouTube.

The poem translates to Resist My People Resist and is read while background images are shown of Israel defense troops and Palestinians clashing.

Under her house arrest conditions, the poet must remain in her home for all but six hours per week at which time she is able to walk her neighborhood if her brother accompanies her.

Her trial is now underway with evidence hearings taking place. Her next hearing is expected in July followed by one in September. She must stay in house arrest until her trial is completed.

A human rights organization known as PEN American that defends freedom of expression has condemned her detention by Israel.

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