Kelly Wants a Faster Pace on Offense for the Eagles

This past Monday night, Chip Kelly unveiled his hurry-up, fast break, up-tempo, no huddle or whatever you want to call it offense, with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Everyone had an opinion on the offense, including Kelly himself the mastermind behind it.

Kelly said he felt it was too slow. It certainly did not seem slow for online betting sites since their clients had less time to make live bets between plays.

Kelly insisted his Eagles had to do better running the offense. The head coach said the players left the ball lying around too much and did not get it back to the officials so they could re-spot it on the line scrimmage.

Nevertheless, the Eagles were able to get off 53 plays from scrimmage during just the first half. The Eagles accumulated 322 total yards and 21 first downs. Their opponents, the Washington Redskins had as many plays as Philly had first downs in the half. The Eagles led at half 26-7 and even the online betting sites were happy to see halftime to get a rest.

The Eagles averaged one play every 22.2 seconds and head coach Kelly wants it faster.

However, some are now asking what happened in the second half. The up tempo offense slowed down and ran just 24 second half plays with time of possession only 12:19 compared to 20:20 in the first half.

Many feel that the defense for Washington adjusted at half time thanks to Jim Haslett their defensive coordinator, others said players might have become fatigued.

Kelly knows you have to preserve the energy of your own players, but fatigue is always natural in the fourth quarter of any game regardless of the type of offense, said Kelly. The key added Kelly was to be less fatigued than your opponents.

Management was the biggest reason the game changed from the first half to the second said Kelly. He slowed the tempo down so he could work the clock with the double-digit lead the team had even though Washington was starting to eat into it.

Nevertheless, what counts the most is the Eagles won the game 33-27, while only needing 7 points in the second half.

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