Leader of Muslim Brotherhood Receives Life Sentence

Mohamed Badie the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and 36 of his supporters were given life sentences by an Egyptian court.

On Saturday, the court handed down the sentences of life for inciting violence that erupted following the army’s ouster of Mohammed Morse, the Islamist president in July of 2013. Morsi had been the first ever democratically elected president in Egypt.

Badie was and all of his 36 supporters were charged and sentenced for the exact same crime.

The court on Saturday also upheld last month’s 10 death sentences given to supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood for the same crime. However, the majority of the defendants were tried and convicted in absentia, as they are on the run.

Judge Hassan Farid, who was presiding on Saturday in the Egyptian courtroom, said all the defendants had been involved in murder and other violence during the July 2003 protests following Morsi’s ouster. Morsi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The judge said the defendants in this case had committed the violence in order to achieve their terrorist goals.

In two other court cases held separately, Badie has been convicted twice and given death sentences for both of those convictions.

Courts in Egypt have sparked concern internationally over the number of death sentences that have been handed down with over 200 people being sentences in a number of different mass trials. Human rights organizations have denounced the mass trials and large number of death sentences.

Following the overthrow of Morsi, Islamists held a number of different rallies, which often were ended by clashes between the opposition, police, the supporters of Morsi and other security forces.

Shortly after the overthrow, the interim government in Egypt supported by the army designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization putting the majority of its leadership behind bars, including Morsi and Badie.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the newly elected president of Egypt and the former army chief who was the one who ousted Morse from power has pledged to eliminate the entire Muslim Brotherhood.

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