Microsoft Reportedly Acquires Aorato

On Thursday, the American giant in software, Microsoft announced to the public that they had acquired an Israeli business for an unknown amount of money.

Rumors started that the acquisition might have taken place at an earlier time and could have been as long ago as the summer of 2013.

The acquisition price is thought to be in the range of $200 million, but there was no way to confirm that amount.

Aorato has technology that monitors information architecture, to learn if there is anything suspicious going on throughout a network.

The software that it provides makes normal profiles of users, to identify if there are any attempts in penetrating the network. This software can view non-authorized users and even identify activities that are not allowed and done by employees.

Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft’s Vice President in marketing and cloud was who posted the announcement on the blog.

Takeshi states that most of their business users could easily use to their advantage Aorato’s technology.

Aorato was created by brothers Ohad and Idan Plotnik with Michael Dolinsky sometime during 2011. It only employed 19 people and was located in Herzliya.

All of Aorato’s employees will now work with Microsoft in the security area. Little was known about the startup company until last January when it announced the raising of $10 million capital, which caused many in the technology world to take notice.

The investment was made by Innovation Endeavors and Accel Partners. Secondary based investments were made by Glilot Capital an Israel-based fund and 2 founders of a company named Trusteer, which was acquired by IBM in 2013.

At that time, the company had a value of $30 million, and throughout the next 12 months earned about 7 times its investment.

The new staff joining the Microsoft team will work in security, to protect networks, which will prove to be helpful for Microsoft moving forward as it invests much more in its cloud venture.


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