Morteza Barari: Parsijoo Search Engine is More Powerful than Google

Parsijoo Search Engine is More Powerful than Google

Morteza Barari, Secretary of the Commission on Iran’s Scientific Associations said that the new local search engine, Parsijoo, is more powerful than Google because it can crawl, index and analyze the Persian web pages better than Google and other major search engines.

“Parsijoo is still in its pilot phase but the search engine is serving local users and clients. In this phase, the crawlers have indexed more than 120 million web pages and this number will be increased to at least 500 million pages by the end of current Persian year.” Morteza Barari said.

He also outlined the main goal of Parsijoo by saying: “Services offered by Parsijoo are free and the main goal is to make Parsijoo the best search engine in the world. All the technologies and softwares used in this project are developed inside of Iran and it has enough potential to serve Persian speaking people in all around the world.”

“The index of Parsijoo will be more than Google in future. Also we have formed a committee to review the ways that we can monetize Parsijoo. It’s good to know that we have invested less than 5,000,000,000 Iranian Rial (sum as $180,000) in this project.” Morteza Barari added.

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