Netanyahu Calls UN Vote Shameful Over Settlements

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a UN vote to stop settlement activities on occupied land shameful.

Netanyahu stressed that Israel was not going to abide by the vote on Friday taken by the UN Security Council’s 15 members.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas through a spokesperson said the resolution had been a huge blow to Israel’s policy.

The resolution was able to pass when the United States did not veto it, breaking with a longstanding practice by the Americans.

Washington traditionally has sheltered Israel from any condemnatory resolutions. The resolution drafted by Egypt was withdraw after Donald Trump the recent president-elect of the U.S. was asked to intervene by Israel, but was then proposed again by Venezuela, Senegal, New Zealand and Malaysia.

The resolution ended up being approved 14-0 with just the U.S. abstaining and demands Israel cease all its settlement activities immediately in occupied Palestinian territory, which includes East Jerusalem.

It said that Jewish settlements were a violation under international law as well as a big obstacle to achieving the solution of two-states.

Close to half a million Jews are living in 140 or more settlements that have been built since the 1967 occupation by Israel of East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Those settlements have been considered illegal by international law, but Israel has always disputed that.

Netanyahu said that Israel rejected the anti-Israel, shameful resolution and refused to abide by the resolution’s terms.

Netanyahu continued by saying that during a time when members of the Security Council are doing nothing about stopping half a million people from being killed in Syria, it gangs up on the Middle East’s only true democracy, Israel, and labels the Western Wall occupied territory.

Netanyahu said the White House administration not just failed to protect the country of Israel against the UN, but it colluded with the UN behind the scenes.

Netanyahu added that he was looking forward to being able to work with the incoming Trump.

Israel said its Senegal and New Zealand ambassadors had be told to return to the country for consultations and that it cut all its aid programs to Senegal.

Israel does not have any diplomatic ties with Venezuela or Malaysia.

An Abbas spokesperson said the resolution by the Security Council was a big blow to policy in Israel and a strong sign of support for a solution of two-states.

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