Opposition in Syria Calls for U.S. led Strikes to be Suspended

The leader of the Syrian National Coalition, which is the opposition to the current Syrian regime, called for the suspension of all U.S. led air strikes aimed at the Islamic State in the country of Syria.

This could be due to reports that dozens of Syrian civilians were killed from different air strikes close to Manbij a city in northern Syria. Those reports are being investigated.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is based in Britain, said 56 or more civilians had been killed due to air strikes north of the city of Manbij. This came one day after it claimed that 21 civilians had been killed in the city that is held by ISIS.

Anas al-Abdah the president of the SNC said that he wanted the strikes to be stopped while the incidents of civilian deaths were investigated. That came in a statement that was issued late Wednesday night and warned the killing of civilians by the air campaign led by the U.S. would be a recruitment tool used by terrorist organizations.

Ash Carter the United State Defense Secretary said Wednesday that the forces led by the U.S. would investigate the reports of the casualties of civilians in and around Manbij.

The Britain based Observatory said the dead from the strike on Tuesday included at least 10 children. Photos on social media that were purported to be form the bombing scene showed corpses covered in dust of two children near the rubble.

The foreign ministry of Syria said that the air strike on Tuesday, which hit Toukhan a village to the north of Manbij, had been carried out by the French, while the strike on Monday was by jets from the U.S.

SANA the official news agency of the state said that the government of Syria condemns the two massacres that the U.S. and French warplanes perpetrated and those that are affiliated with the international coalition that send bombs and missiles at civilians rather that directing them at terrorist groups.

A U.S.-led alliance spokesperson said that multiple aircraft from different nations had provided strikes on Manbij. Therefore, how was the Syrian government able to know who had conducted what air strike, asked the spokesperson.

The Free Syrian Army that is backed by the West and works as an umbrella that groups different factions against both the Syrian regime led by President Bashar al-Assad and ISIS, condemned what it said was shocking massacres around Manbij.

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