Pope Francis Speaks of Tolerance During Cairo Mass

On Saturday, Pope Francis spoke of tolerance as well as co-existence during his Mass in Egypt at a military stadium.

The Pope is visiting Egypt as part of a trip that is designed to create a brotherhood between Christians and Muslims and to forge solidarity with persecuted Coptic Christians in the country.

His trip to the country in North Africa is just a few weeks following the bombing on Palm Sunday of two of the Coptic churches that left 45 dead.

There was heavy security that could be seen surrounding the Pope when he entered the stadium in Cairo in his open-air golf cart.

While entering he waved to the worshippers and he momentarily stopped to bless children who were in costume. Vatican and Egyptian flags would be seen draped from railings around the stadium.

The Pope during mass said that religiosity has no meaning unless it was inspired by charity and deep faith.

A spokesperson for the Vatican said there were more than 15,000 in attendance during the mass, which holds over 30,000.

It is expected that the Pope will visit the small community of Catholics in Egypt later on Saturday.

The Pope met Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb in a private meeting. He becomes the first Pope since John Paul II to make visit this institution since 2000

The Pope and Grand Imam both spoke during the closing at the International Conference for Peace that Al-Azhar had organized.

When he first met the Grand Iman, Francis called him his brother and the men were seated next to one another during the conference.

Francis also addressed a theme that is becoming too familiar: roots of today’s violent extremism.

The Pope called for the end of the proliferation of arms as well as lambasted the demagogic forms of today’s populism.

El-Tayeb spoke of the what status today’s faith was in. He said that many things have been accomplished but peace has been lost and believes that is such because modern civilization ignores religion.

Egyptian’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi received the Pope in Cairo at the presidential palace.

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