Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Looks to Given Assurance to Saudis

The crown prince and anti-terror leader of Saudi Arabia sought Tuesday to assure his fellow Saudis of the security in the country following suicide attacks on Monday that targeted Medina, the holy city, Jeddah the site of the U.S. consulate and Qatif a city of Shi’ites.

Four or more people were killed during the Monday attacks. No group as of yet claimed responsibility for the bombings, but Islamic State carried out many similar bombings across the kingdom during the last year, targeting security forces in Saudi and Shi’ite Muslims.

Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz the Saudi Crown Prince who is the interior minister as well visited a citizen and two security personnel wounded during the Jeddah bombing, said SPA the official state news agency on Monday night.

The security in our homeland is good, at its highest levels and gets stronger each day, quoted SPA from a speech made by Prince Mohammed during his Jeddah visit.

The attacks rattled the people in Saudi Arabia who have been preparing for their Eid al Fitr celebrations from Wednesday that follows Ramadan that lasts for one month when they fast during the day.

Militant attacks in the holy city of Medina, that is home to the second holiest Islam site the Prophet’s Mosque, are unprecedented.

The ruling Al Saud family considers itself to be the protectors of the holiest sites of Islam Medina as well as Mecca.

Prince Mohammed was credited with successfully ending an al Qaeda bombing campaign across Saudi Arabia from 2003 to 2006.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia said in his speech that he knows that the terrorist operations do not amount to a simple thing. He added that minor impacts felt now will soon go away.

He added that he has been through the same thing during the past and felt what you felt at that time as well as now. He was referring to a 2009 suicide bombing of his office that he was able to survive.

Security officials in Saudi Arabia said that the supporters of the terrorist group in the kingdom act for the most part independently, depending upon the militant group Islamic State, which makes the group that much more difficult to detect, but also they are not as capable of mounting their attacks on targets that are well-protected.

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