Saudi Arabia Will Provide Flights for Stranded Filipino Workers

A number of workers, especially those that work for construction companies, have become stranded with no pay in Saudi Arabia during the past few months. Some said officials have also had problems feeding themselves as well.

According to officials, between 9,000 and 20,000 workers from the Philippines are affected at this time across the Kingdom.

A local newspaper in Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia said that under a royal decree made by the kingdom, travel documents for those who want to return to the Philippines would be processed.

The report said that the Filipinos would not be required to pay anything and that their tickets will also be free.

The spokesperson for the Saudi government also added that the government provides assistance to help the workers who wanted to remain in the country, through the facilitation of their transfer to new companies.

A Saudi official said a system online was set up in order for foreign nationals that want to stay can send in their personal information to local businesses.

These comments come after a meeting between the Minister of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia Mufrej Al-Haqabani and Labor Secretary in the Philippines Silvestre Bello III.

Filipino workers were urged by Al-Haqabani to continue their work in Saudi Arabia, said the report.

He said that issues companies were facing like that of Saudi Oger were only isolated cases.

The Kingdom, said the minister remains a fine place to work for foreigners.

Close to 1.8 million workers from overseas from just the Philippines are said to be based in the Kingdom working legally.

Earlier in August, the Philippines said it was sending missions from the government to the Gulf State of Saudi Arabia to help those who were stranded.

The mission sent from the Philippines said that its goal was to bring aid to all those that did not have food and who were in dire need of receiving medical care as well as other support services.

Kind Salman of Saudi Arabia has allocated SAR of 100 million equal to $266.5 million while at the same time issuing a number of different directives with the intention of having all the cases resolved for salaries that remain unpaid across the entire kingdom.

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