Sochi Olympics: Worry Over Terrorist Attacks Causing Alarm

A terrorist attack during the Winter Olympics in Sochi would give the United State a huge logistical and diplomatic challenge. Getting over 200 U.S. athletes safely out of harm’s way is not an easy task.

Military officials in the U.S. have spoken of plans to use warships from the Black Seas if the security experts’ worst fears are proven true.

However, it is President Vladimir Putin running this Olympics and he is spending over $50 billion in these games, including a reported ring of steel that is impenetrable around the entire Olympic city.

Therefore, an American rescue operation would have to have his approval to take place, said experts and that is very unlikely if not just impossible.

Fears of terror during the Olympics have grown as the opening ceremonies draw closer. Over the last week, a video released by militants has promised a surprise for Sochi. Russia has been hunting five terrorist suspects who might be planning such a surprise.

On Tuesday, the police said they killed a senior militant Islamist leader in North Caucasus while hunting for three women who are Muslim and have been dubbed the black widows.

Therefore, while the ring of steel of Putin might help thwart any large coordinated attack, experts have warned that individual attackers pose a large threat for the games.

One terrorist expert said analysis has shown that terror plots of as many as 10 operatives have a success chance of 5%.

U.S. Olympic Committee members would not discuss any details about the security given to U.S. athletes or what they would do if an evacuation were needed.

Part of the U.S. contingent in Sochi, the snowboard and skiing teams, has paid a private company to give them more security. Global Rescue, the private company, promises its communications will help get athletes around and out of the city of Sochi if something were to happen. Dan Richards, the company CEO said they have access to six planes that would be utilized for quick response if needed.

How that would happen by a private company is unknown and its CEO was not forthcoming with that information. Global Rescue held both companies and individuals and helped customers caught up in the Arab Spring, the tsunami, the Haiti earthquakes and Japan’s nuclear crisis.

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  1. Viktor says:

    If there is any terrorism at the games it will be backed by Obama. Obama is funding terrorism on a grand scale in the M.E, and nothing would give Obama more pleasure than to see Russia fail while the world is watching.
    The world knows that the US has funded, trained and supplied weapons to terrorist groups that have invaded Syria to carry out attacks on behalf of S.A and Qatar, and Russia is a threat to the US but only because the US is a threat to the World while there is a pro Marxist / Socialist president in power, one that quite clearly supports the enemies of democracy and freedom under which the US was founded.

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