Transgender Emiratis Sue to Be Recognized as Men

A pair if citizens from the United Arab Emirates asked a court in Abu Dhabi to have their names and genders changed on all state records.

The two, who were born women, have brought an unprecedented case in their request to be recognized as men, said their lawyer this week.

Al-Bayan the state newspaper reported on the lawsuit this week.

The two plaintiffs only identified by initials as A.M., 28, and H.S., 26, asked the court for the gender and name changes following their surgery for gender reassignment and hormone therapy.

H.S. said with his gender reassignment, a struggle in achieving true identity was won by another, to receive acceptance by society was now what he was attempting to gain.

He added that he first felt male at the age of three. Physical attributes of a female because of puberty did not appear and his mother said that was due to his young age and thought those kind of things would change once he was married and had children. One relative of his want him to become engaged to her son.

Finding levels of female hormones that were abnormally low following a visit to a clinic, which she held as a secret to all but her mother, H.S. said she began hormone treatment.

Her appearance became increasingly more masculine and caught the attention of administrators at her school. However, a sympathetic teacher made arrangements for her to remain provided she did not use the bathrooms for females and avoided spaces there were designated just for females.

She saved up to have her gender reassignment in three phases of 12 hours each.

Authorities from the UAW have not made any immediate comment to a number of requests left by different media agencies.

The lawyer representing the two men said that federal laws in the UAE related to medical responsibility had to give an endorsement to gender reassignment because it was deemed a certified remedy by doctors for what they diagnosed as a medical condition that his clients had known as gender identity disorder.

The lawyer insisted that the law permits that, while tradition might be another matter that will likely take much looker to grant acceptance.

Several countries in the Middle East have started to makes some changes, albeit few, to their laws pertaining to transgender rights.

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