Turkish President Receiving Heavy Criticism for Comments on Women

Recep Tayyip Erdogan the President of Turkey made a renewed call for women in Turkey to forgo any birth control and have a minimum of three children.

His comments drew the ire from advocates of women’s rights and have been questioned by political experts and Islamic scholars.

Sirin Mine Kilic, who is the general of KADER a women’s rights group that is nationwide, said the group does not think that defining a women regarding her motherhood and mulling over the number of children she will have or if she should work or not are amongst the main duties of the country’s President.

She added in the statement released to the media in Turkey, that it would be even more useful if the Turkish president mulled over issues like child abuse, murder of women, women who are unemployed and violence against females.

Currently the average fertility rate in Turkey is over two children per every woman showed government data.

The office of statistics for Turkey said its population increased last year to over 78.7 million a rate of growth of close to 1.3%. The population during 2000 was fewer than 68 million.

However, that rate of growth is not enough apparently for Erdogan, who wants an increase in the birth rate in Turkey. I would recommend a minimum of three children, said the president, marking the inauguration of a building for the Women’s and Democracy Association of Turkey early this month.

A woman that rejects motherhood, who is not around the house, however successful in her working life, is incomplete and deficient he added.

A couple of days prior to that, Erdogan repeated his demand that women in Turkish should stop using the different methods of birth control.

He added that no Muslim family should use birth control or family planning. He called upon the devout Muslims to have more children in their families.

Erdogan said the country will multiply its descendants and that no Muslim family could have this type of approach.

Erdogan has two sons and two daughters with Emine his wife.

Islamic teaching supports marriage as well as having children, said any analyst with a Washington support group on Wednesday.

Erdogan has annoyed a number of rights activists in Turkey with comments he made about motherhood and women the past few years.

He once said that birth control was a form of treason.

Some analysts suggest that the views of Erdogan are motivated through being against Kurds and foreigners.

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