U.S. President Aims at Keeping Terrorists Out of the Country

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump set a hard line tone on the country’s national security by ordering new, strict screening of refugees to ensure that radical Islamic terrorists do not enter the U.S.

Trump visited the Pentagon and was joined by his Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to sign the executive order that brought sweeping changes to the refugee policies in the U.S. and put his plans into motion to build up the military.

Trump said the government wants to make sure it does not admit the very threats into country that our soldiers are battling overseas.

He added that the country only wants those in our country who support it and love out people deeply.

During the presidential campaign last fall, Trump pledged he would put procedures of extreme vetting into place to screen those people entering the U.S. from the nations that have ties to terrorism.

The order imposes a ban of 90 days on all entry into the U.S. from countries with ties to terrorism.

However, it is not clear from law cited in the executive action which countries are actually affected. A previously released draft of this order designated seven countries that were predominantly Muslim Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.

There was no immediate announcement by the White House to what the actual affected countries were.

The order halts as well the entry into the U.S. of Syrian refugees until it is determined by the president that changes to the program of refugee assistance ensure that admitting them will not compromise the country’s national security.

Trump was joined in Washington earlier on Friday by Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain, and he reaffirmed the special relationship the U.S. has with Great Britain.

On another controversy, Trump held his ground Friday. He told the media during a news conference that he had a nice talk on the telephone with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto about illegal immigration and trade with Mexico.

However, he reconfirmed his opinion that Mexico out negotiated the U.S. in NAFTA and that would be changing.

While the actions related to refugees were aimed at keeping out terrorists, the wall Trump wants to build on the border with Mexico is for keeping immigrants out who enter the U.S. to find work.

Trump has the authority to place a limit on how many refugees can be accepted each year and he can suspend the refugee program any time he wants.

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