UAE Places Ban on Imports of Poultry from Malaysia and Tennessee

The United Arab Emirates placed a ban on the importing of some poultry products from the U.S. state of Tennessee and Malaysia over fears of bird flu.

The UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment made the announcement of the ban. The ban includes all types of live wild, domestic and ornamental poultry, as well as eggs, bird remains and chicks that that were not heat-treated from the county of Lincoln, Tennessee reported WAM the official news agency for the UAE.

The ban was placed after the World Organization for Animal Health released a confirmation of the detection of avian influenza that was pathogenic in a number of commercial farms across the state of Tennessee, said the director of the ministry’s Animal Health Department Majid Sultan.

He added as well that the UAE is continuing to import poultry products such as processed eggs and meat products that are thermally treated and poultry waste thermally treated from all of the United States.

At the same time, the ministry announced as well a ban on importing from Malaysia all types of domestic and wild birds, chicks, ornamental birds, eggs as well as waste that has not been thermally treated.

This ban follows the confirmation of a highly pathogenic bird flu in the commercial farms of Kelantan a province of Malaysia.

A temporary ban has also been placed by the UAE on the importing of poultry meat along with non-heat-treated poultry products and eggs from the same province.

The report also stated that poultry products from Malaysia that are thermally treated do not fall under the ban and can still be imported.

The ministry’s spokesperson said that the ministry was placing an emphasis on raising the food safety level to ensure that only safe food reaches the consumer across the emirates.

The move by the UAE follows a ban of a similar nature earlier in the week by the government of Saudi Arabia.

The Gulf region kingdom placed a temporary ban on importing poultry that was from Tennessee as well as Malaysia over worries that it could contain bird flu.

The outbreak of bird flu in Tennessee was detected just over two weeks ago. U.S. authorities have said the flu was contained to only a handful of commercial farms, but Saudi Arabia and UAE officials were not taking any chances.

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