UAE Popular Amongst Travelers During Ramadan

The Gulf Corporation Council countries will the most attractive destinations by 2023 for Muslim travelers.

Oman, Qatar and the UAE will become the star attractions for Muslim travelers new research shows that was released Thursday by Crescent Rating and MasterCard.

The growing trend to travel during the month long fasting period by Muslims will see the GCC region receive the most travelers within the next 6 years.

With Ramadan to take place during cooler months starting in 2023, destinations across the Middle East like Oman, Qatar and the UAE will be the go to place. Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan could be benefactors as well, showed the report.

During 2015, nearly 117 million Muslims traveled worldwide representing nearly 10% of the complete travel market. That number is expected to grow to over 168 million Muslim travelers by 2020 or 11% of the over travel market with a market value predicted to be more than $200 billion.

Worldwide, the most popular destination for Muslim travelers is Malaysia, followed by the UAE, Indonesia, Turkey and Qatar.

The Thursday report said 50 destinations around the world were analyzed for the study while three criteria were used – average temperature during the daytime, fasting duration and scores from the Global Muslim Travel Index.

This is the first report ever of its kind that provides destinations as well as businesses in tourism with valuable insights into now they might develop strategies over the medium as well as long term to attract along with cater to Muslim travelers during Ramadan.

Ramadan is expected to also grow over the upcoming decade said the travel report. The report is a valuable asset to governments and business helping them to gain better understanding of what the preferences and unique needs are of the Muslim traveler in order to adapt and or tailor their products as well as services for the Muslim traveler during their holy month.

It shows as well that Malaysia is the top ranked destination moving forward through 2026.

Six key factors were identified in this report that contributes to the increased number of travelers during Ramadan who are Muslim.

They include the increasing number of pilgrims that perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia, business travel, visiting family during Ramadan, seeing Ramadan in a different culture and environment, celebrating Eid with their family, extreme weather conditions and fasting duration.

The report also considers the special place that Madinah and Makkah the holy cities hold as top places to visit.

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