United Nations Suspends Aid Following Direct Hit of Convoy

The United Nations has suspended all aid convoys for Syria after its convoy of vehicles carry humanitarian aid was attacked near Aleppo by warplanes on Monday.

The UN convoy had been given proper permits and all parties involved in warring including Russia as well as the U.S. were notified, said a spokesperson for the UN.

Eighteen of 31 vehicles that contained winter clothing, medical supplies and wheat were destroyed. A local, senior official from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent was one of the civilians killed in the incident.

The U.S. expressed its outrage over this attack, which happened just outside of Urum al-Kubra a small town just hours after Syria regime declared that the brokered truce by the U.S. and Russia was over.

The White House said it would reassess its future prospects for co-operations with Russia, which is a Syrian government ally.

Deliveries of aid into besieged areas have been an important part of the stoppage of hostilities brokered a week ago.

UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group announced that the attacks had been carried out by Russian or Syrian aircraft.

It also announced that amongst those killed were drivers and volunteers from the Red Crescent.

The convoy was unloading at a warehouse when the attack took place. The aid was supposed to be delivered to over 78,000 people in areas held by rebels close to Urum al-Kubra, who have not been supplied with aid since the middle of July.

A UN official said the aid in the convoy included, winter clothes, blankets, nutrition and education items, medical supplies, vitamins and wheat.

Near the warehouse that was bombed, a health clinic was also damaged.

It appeared the attack was a signal of the latest effort of peace by the United States and Russia had collapsed.

Russian press secretary for the president Dmitry Peskov said changes of renewing this ceasefire were weak.

Peskov also commented that the situation caused him great concern.

After the Syria army made the announcement the ceasefire had ended, activists said the city of Aleppo and the area that surrounds it were targeted.

The military of Syria and rebels already had accused one another of violating the ceasefire before these most recent incidents.

Russia and the U.S. will hold talks on the situation in Syria on Tuesday in New York, said the U.S. state department.

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