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Hossein Forouzandeh – Hossein was born on 1990 in Tehran. From 2005, when he was at the age of 15, he started writing in children magazine and he impressed others by his exemplary talents. In high school spell he tried to write for local newspapers. Hossein Forouzandeh attended high school on 2010 and started to learn Economy. Because of his field of study he started to write in economy and business niche. in the same time he joined Mideast Time group and provided Economy articles for the team. Mideast Time group decided to invite him to cover the same field for the online edition of the group.

Phone Number: +989127569825
Email: emailus {at}
Covering Category: EconomyEntries

Pezhman Azimi – Pezhman started his career by writing in his own weblog which was technology and gadgets. Soon after he recognized his abilities in this field and sent some of his written articles for technology papers in Tehran.  Some magazines dedicated him a weekly columns on 2008. After that he filled out a resume for Mideast Time group. Group accepted his CV and invited him to work. From 2008 until now he was one of the most active writers in Mideast Time group.

Phone Number: +989365212056
Covering Category: TechnologyEntries

Ghasem Abdullahian –  Ghasem is from Kerman but at the current time he lives in Tehran and studying Mathematics Science in Tehran University. Despite of the huge differences between his selected major with politics field, he has became one of the best young politic writers in Tehran. He joined the Mideast Time group on 2009 as the first politic writer of the group. He then came up with an idea of opening a news agency but he failed to obtain the necessary certifications and continued his career with Mideast Time group. He currently covers politics field in Mideast Time online edition.

Phone Number: +989191244156
Covering Category: PoliticsEntries

Ali Yazdanian –  He was born on 1992 and on 2010 Ali joined Mideast Time group at the age of 18 after winning a writing competition held by group. After instructing him, Yazdanian published his stories and articles in world category covering the news from Iran and the region. His reports also highlighted by several domestic news agencies. However he received job offers from other magazines and papers he decided to stay a part of Mideast Time group.

Phone Number: +989336596280
Covering Category: WorldEntries

Shayan Afkhami – Before joining Mideast Time group on 2008 Shayan used to manage the official website of one of the Tehran based football clubs. After meeting with the CEO of Mideast Time group he decided to quit his job and provide sport articles for Mideast Time. Group highly supported and appreciated his work. On 2010 he left Mideast Time and joined an official news agency but on January, 2012 he backed to Mideast Time and continued his career as journalist in sports field.

Phone Number: +989123256520
Covering Category: SportsEntries

Karim Khaledi – Not only Karim is a great Sports writer, but he is also a nice guy. He joined the Mideast Time group on 2010 and surprised other staffers by his articles and professional news reports. Through Mideast Time channel he found out the power of his writing and improved it. Group used to send his works for another news agencies before opening the online website. Currently he provide sports articles for Mideast Time online edition.

Phone Number: +989363006593
Covering Category: SportsEntries

Masoud Bidgoli – Masoud used to study English for almost 5 years. During that spell he decided to send some of his articles in politics category for a local news paper in Tehran. His story accepted and he joined that paper for internship. On 2011, Mideast Time group contacted him and offered a similar job. According to the previous successes of Mideast Time, Bidgoli became a part of group.

Phone Number: +989354665230
Covering Category: PoliticsEntries

Amir Abbas Vahidi – Amir Abbas is the oldest and most experienced member of Mideast Time. He joined the group on 2008 and helped the team to grow. His connections with magazines and news agencies directed us to upper level of news broadcasting. Launching the online edition of Mideast Time was another notable innovation by Amir Abbas Vahidi.

Phone Number: +989121503696
Covering Category: WorldEntries

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